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Leave your customers in reliable, expert hands and watch the connection and loyalty grow.

We tailor new methods and approach for every client and their customers’ needs, giving you astounding business results and increasing your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

01 - Our Services

Contact Center Outsourcing

Our agents are highly trained, experienced people ready to tackle any situation given, taking care of every customer’s need.


  • Video call communication with the customer

  • TÜV approved identity authentication check

  • Identification through personal documents

  • Fraud, falsification and manipulation recognition

Quality Assurance

Our team is highly trained and motivated to deliver only the best communication and solutions to your customers.

  • Constant improvement

    We make sure our agents are ever evolving, improving their skills and knowledge to always keep our services on premium level quality.

  • Extensive research and preparation

    Every client and customer group is different with their unique visions, ideas and needs. We take our time to find out and learn about the expectations in detail so we can deliver fully fitting, highly effective method of approach to each customer of yours.

Sales representation

Understanding your customers expectations and needs as well as combining data, analytics and extensive experience of our agents is pivotal for a great result.


  • Sales representative

    By combining data, analytics and the experience of our sales agents we are able to find the best way to increase upsell opportunities and to satisfy the needs of your current and potential customers.

Customer support

Successful communication can transform the relationship you have with your customers. Leave customer relations and care to us and level up the connection and loyalty.


  • Customer relationship

    Our agents are trained to receive different types of calls in German, French, Italian, Spanish, English and Croatian language. We are successfully performing services like registration and video authentication for some of the biggest telco companies in Europe on a daily.

  • Customer care

    We provide exceptional customer support tailored to fit your business exactly, even outside your working hours.

How can we help you? Focus on your core business goals, and leave the improvement of relations with users and partners to Media One experts.

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