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Video identification specialist (student)

01 - What would be your job?

What we expect from you

The entire communication will be in a language mentioned above and you’ll be in charge of answering customers’ calls, video identification and personal information verification, working mostly in banking, carsharing, crypto currency and other fields. 

Who are we? Media One d.o.o. helps companies deliver the customer experience their customers expect. We take care of inbound and outbound calls, registration and video identification. Our goal is to find the best customer support solution for our clients, providing their customers with reliable support and improving the business all together.  If you’re interested and you’d like to work with us, send your CV at hello@mediaone.hr or give us a call at 0955364476.

  • Attractive student earnings + bonuses

    We appreciate hard work and dedication!

  • Pleasant working environment

    A nice office full of kind, fun but professional people.

  • Promotions

    Aim high! We’re here to help you feed your ambition and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. 

  • Pet friendly office

    Your dogs, a cat and two chinchillas - they’re ALL invited! 

02 - Expectations

What else are we looking for?

Experience? Not really, we’ll take motivation and ambition instead!

German, French, English, Spanish or Italian language proficiency? At least at upper intermediate level (B2) - certificate not needed Communication skills and patience? The more, the better! Availability? At least 20 hours per week.  This speaks to you so far? We’re happy to hear!

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